Thursday, October 27, 2011

FAF - FASB & GASB The Framework of Accounting for Corporations and State and Local Financials.

FAF is the Financial Accounting Foundation, while their website appears to be temporarily out of commission at the time of this write up. We will return in the future to update this link.

FAF is the oversight body for FASB & GASB:

FASB is the Financial Accounting Standards Board most responsible for Public Company Accounting Standards that we call US GAAP (United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). You can find FASB at

GASB is a closely related but less accessible set of Standards referred to as Governmental Accounting Standards Board. GASB is less accssible due to a lesser degree of Funding and we encourage you to contribute to GASB Funding to better facilitate online access to refrence sources that are key to understanding State and Local Financials. GASB is NOT the standard setter for Our National Government, the US National GAAP for Government Standards are promulgated by the FASAB which we will cover at some later point.

GASB - Governmental Accounting Standards Board can be found at

Whether considering FASB or GASB, you are dealing with the Authoritative Rule sets for Accounting and Reporting in related Financial statements.   This is only an introduction so check back with us soon for more as we expand on our coverage of ALL Manners of Accounting, Reporting, Analysis, Compliance and Technologies that pertain to our Industry in the Aggregate.

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