Sunday, April 26, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Risk Management (across 3 Classes of Relevant Risk)

DCarsonCPA on Risk Management: The Traditional Lines on Risk Management start from the perspective of Risk Management and Insurance, considering the evaluation and determination of Assets of Value and the Risks those Assets face in the Market Place producing Value At Risk.

Insurance itself is a complex area of the market with lots of variation to the various contracts that define Insurance, Assets, Insurable Interests and Value at Risk sufficient to compel a willing consumer and a willing Insurer to meet and draft a policy and over a detailed course of underwriting and agreement, Insure an  Asset (in gross over simplification providing that ALL contractual terms not the least of which including Legality and Definition of Value are met). The level of Drafting an Insurance Contract is a Legal Issue beyond our scope for communication here most readily defined by an Attorney with strong skills on Insurance Contracts. That noted there are many points where Accounting, Financial, Tax and Finance, Insurance Industry (Actuarial, Pensions et al) and Paralegal skills on legal support services (LSS) and Compliance connect for Insurance, Pensions, Investments, Risk and Asset Management in the Insurance space. An Insurer is a state regulated entity.   Each state has it's own rules on Insurance and a State Insurance Regulatory charged with Duties to oversee Insurance in that state. Insurance is considered a Financial Instrument, and as such is regulated by the states at the state level.

Our lines on Risk Management consider the start points on conventional Risk Management for Entities and Portfolios AND the companion lines on Risk + Cyber , and Risk + VUCA because we live in complex times where the study of Entities and the Economy point to needs for Entities and broad needs for the Economy in the Aggregate.

Our lines on Entity and Sector points and LOBs by Services point to the key points where we can help on Services, Research and Outreach on Risk Management across Entity and Sector lines in the Market Place. Find your way to Our key points on Risk Management as key points where we can assist on Risk Management, Audit, Taxes, Financials, Advisory, Research and more in the Aggregate including Compliance support lines.

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