Sunday, July 22, 2012

Connecting to the US Courts


One of the recurrent needs in following updates in news of the courts on Financial Cases is to understand districts. The role that the Courts play in respect to Financial Decision Making requires an understanding of the important relevance and location of districts.


From a simple analysis of the significance of  Federal Court Districts  (this is not a Legal definition) the courts are important at the disctrict level for the specific ways that interperet cases. These interpretations of Cases (which Lawyers would likely refer to as "Case Law") communicate the application of various rules per the district and give a sense of the local application of rules.

This interesting feature of Our Legal system (in non legal terms) gives rise to regional perspectives in analysis and application of rules which is important to represent an area but would not fundamentally change the reasoning or intent of a Rule or Law, rather it would influence that Rule or Law's interpretation.

This analysis is not a "Legal" view point as I am not an attorney and would have no claim to a legal view. Rather it is just my current functional understanding.

National vs. State and Local Courts:

The US District Courts in the map provided deal with National (Federal) issues. Each state and local district will have it's own unique courts, cases and rules. None of the State or Local Courts are presented here as this is a map of the National (Federal) Courts.

The Federal Districts for Courts are referred to as Circuits and can be seen in the map below.

CircuitMap - The (Federal) Courts


The next time that you see a financial news  article that states, for example 4th Circ. you'll understand from this map the general jurisdiction which is in turn potentially broken out to underlying North, South, east and West sub divisions. connecting a line on Government, Industry, Non Profit and Individual Financials for Decision Makers.

For immediate opportunties on Client Services and for the broader opportunities to help on analysis and ideas on places where we can all work together in support of decision makers at the local, state and national levels. Supporting ideas and analysis that can help the Economy present and future for Families, Individuals, Communities and the shared duties we have as Stakeholders and Custodial Trustees in Our shared National Financial Future.

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