Thursday, July 19, 2012

Judicial Reports for 2011

One of the key points to understanding more about our Economy is the important but frequently overlooked role of the Court - "the Third Branch" where important work with Financial Implications is taking place each day.  The workflows of the court may or may not be measurable in Financial terms. where the Courts work to provide safety and justice, not ALL of the work may be summarized in Financial Terms.

The Attached report on the Courts for 2011 is a starting point to learn more from the Administrative perspective. In the world of cost accounting we call activities drivers and they are connected to expenses for purposes of Management Financials. The Framework of Cost Accounting provides a relevant look at Administrative activities in many areas to better evaluate operations and economic impacts. The court has financial elements of Revenues (Fees and Judgements) and Expenses (operations, personnel, facilities, technology, supplies and more), but also a non-financial element of Societal Benefit through supporting the avenue for covering needs in balance for Liberty, Justice and Individual Rights.

The important role of the courts in balance is best explained by the court itself :

As with any Branch in Government, the Court is an Entity in terms of operations. The additional important function of Justice has very many intangible, non-quantifiable societal benefits. The Framework of Accounting just better explains the operations for understanding. The Courts as the "Third Branch" represent an important and sometimes overlooked element of the Economy.

 Judicial Business 2011

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