Thursday, October 31, 2013

DCarsonCPA The Reading Rooms

DCarsonCPA The Reading Rooms - a sketch draft in review

A knowledge driven business thrives on continual learning, development and growth. As we move forward we find significant important lines that can contribute to the complex needs on consulting and the very simple lines of it all reverts back to the needs for strong and compliant financials, insight for management consulting / advisory,  and the key point that learning in a vacuum is unsustainable.  A pipeline of new ideas and continual learning in support of the strategic and operational overlays to the base line of financials for decision makers.

The Financials and Compliance are the foundation - if handled correctly they produce a strong foundation
 for analysis to look at the business or entity financials and then map them out to the broader economy to use technology and help support the lines for  economic growth and  opportunity lines. Opportunity seeking in the Economy and competing for the lines of supply and demand are par for the course in business and we reconnect accounting to it's economic perspective on strategy.

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