Saturday, February 14, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Core Financials

DCarsonCPA on Core Financials: Withe the wide range of work we do on Integrated Research to connect the lines of Economics, Financials, Legal and IT / Technology Research to help on cross functional workflows for Industry, Non Profit, Government, NGO and Individual / Family and Community needs through Financials it becomes important at times to return to the value of core relevant skills and workflows. We are working substantial lines of Big Data refined to Big Knowledge for the needs across sectors in the Economy.

The key needs shared by ALL sectors generally correspond to growth, efficiency, improvements and renewal. The skills we bring through cost accounting, connect to statistical optimization, economic, financial, legal, IT and cross sector value points. We work from core Financial skills to the growth skills to Advanced Legal, Economic and IT skills to the strong based of Financials, Compliance, Taxation, Project Management, Business Analysis and Lean Management Consulting for Boards, Directors, Senior Executives, Senior Management, Teamwork with Clients, Vendors. Bankers, Investment Bankers, Attorneys, Regulators, other CPAs and the many varied relevant lines of Entity Stakeholders .

The Relevant core of skills correspond to skills to support lines on Accounting, Financials, and Taxes in relation to the needs of Business, Non Profit, Government and Individual / Family needs on Financials.

Here is a relevant presentation to speak to those lines which compliment Economic Research, Legal Research, Financial Research and Tax Research as relevant lines of value on services.

DCarsonCPA Core Financials Visual Set from Dean Carson CPA & Strategic Consultant

You can  learn more at DCarsonCPA and follow the key points and the lines of services, research and outreach to help on cross sector needs on the Economy.

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